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8:48 AM October 19, 2018

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8:48 AM October 19, 2018

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Victor Magtanggol has new director and netizens reacted to this

GMA’s fantaserye Victor Magtanggol which features Alden Richards as the lead actor changed its director and netizens reacted about this.

Previously, Dominic Zapata was the one directing the said show and now Vincent Soberano took over.

Victor Magtanggol Alden Richards

(Photo source: @aldenrichards02 IG)

It is not hidden from the knowledge of the public that the fantaserye has already faced a lot of criticisms since it started airing.

Aside from the fact that it is a direct rival of ABS-CBN’s hit primetime series Ang Probinsyano of Coco Martin, people also expect it ti have superb visual effects.

Not only that, critics also pointed out that it was just copied from Marvel’s Thor. In line with this, former Victor Magtanggol director Dominic Zapata expressed his dismay.

Alden, himself, admitted that it is difficult for them to beat the rating and popularity of Coco Martin’s action-drama series.

Alden Richards

(Photo source: YouTube)

For whatever reason, Victor Magtanggol changed its director and it is now Vincent Soberano.

The director shared this news on his Facebook Page.

“Just got back from my Beijing film shoot and straight to another set to direct my first Filipino TV series Victor Magtanggol. Definitely a new and interesting experience!” Soberano said on his post.

(screen grab from Vincent Soberano FB Page)

Because of this, netizens expressed their various reaction on a popular showbiz site.

There were those who said that the fantaserye of GMA is already hopeless while some netizens called out to the network to give appropriate compensation for the people who are in charge of the graphics.

Some also said that money or budget is not an issue but the time given to the production team.

Victor Magtanggol

(file photo)

On the other hand, there are those who said that GMA should give up Victor Magtanggol already because there is no one who can save it anymore.

Behind these criticisms there are still those who cheered for the teleserye of Alden Richards.

Here are some comments from netizens.

(screen grab from Fashion Pulis)

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