LOOK: PRC.gov.ph Releases List Of “Unauthorized” Websites, Facebook Pages

List of Unauthorized” Websites, Facebook Pages Released by Prc.gov.ph

PRC – The Professional Regulation Commission, through its website Prc.gov.ph, released a list of “unauthorized” websites and Facebook pages that are not connected to them.

The commission is the body in-charged in providing licensure examinations to graduates of the different courses in the Philippines. They are also the ones releasing the results of the board exams through their official website.

The commission will always be the main source of exam results but things are quite different now.

Some people have other websites or Facebook pages marked for reference of the results as these websites and social media pages also release results copied from the website of the commission.


Undeniably, the current system has reached the commission which recently issued a notice over the matter through its official website. They released a list of “unauthorized” websites and Facebook pages that are not connected to them.

Here is the list of “unauthorized” websites and Facebook pages according to the commission:

PRC Notice
Screengrabbed from the Professional Regulation Commission’s Official Website

The commission stressed in its notice to the public that they are not responsible for the effects of having the said websites and Facebook pages as a source.

“Further, PRC is not also accountable for the accuracy, veracity, or content of any information provided or appearing from the said sources as they are not officially published by the PRC,” the notice reads.

2 thoughts on “LOOK: PRC.gov.ph Releases List Of “Unauthorized” Websites, Facebook Pages”

  1. I planned to file my prc application for the teacher’s board exam.I got a slot in Cagayan de Oro particularly the “CDO mobile” which is indicated in the preferred prc office. So I went to CDO prc office and ask a personnel there.
    ME: Sir koy appointment ron sa CDO mobile”.
    Him ” Ai maam wala baya ng CDO mobile”. Me: So, unsa diay ning naa sa choices sa Prc sir, kay wala jud ko ka-timing if mag-open ug slot sir, diri ra ko nakakuha ug slot.
    HIM: NGU man na sila maam na naga-adto sa school.
    ME: So, asa nako ni sila pwd maadtuan sir?
    HIM: Wala jud ko kabalo maam kay wala jud mi connections ana.
    ME: So, unsa maayong buhaton ani sir?
    HIM: Magusab ka ug transaction maam ayaw jud na ninyo pilia ang CDO mobile.

    I never doubted my online application because I thought it was legit considering it was a Government transaction. Do government allow this such? If di pala tayo sure kung working ba ang agency na yan, then in the first place why are we allowing that?


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