Rocco Nacino’s New House Got 3 Floors, 6 Rooms

New House of Rocco Nacino Comes with 3 Floors, 6 Rooms

ROCCO NACINO – Kapuso actor Rocco Nacino spoke on his new house with three floors, six rooms, and six bathrooms.

Several celebrities have built their dream houses at an ideal age because of their hardwork. One of them is Kapuso actor Rocco Nacino whose three-storey house is currently under construction.

Rocco’s a nursing graduate. He took Master of Arts In Nursing at St. Bernadette of Lourdes College and finished his degree as Cum Laude. As an actor, he is part of the casts of several hit projects including Encantadia and Haplos.

Because of his hardwork, Rocco Nacino has saved money to build his dream house and he is now close to seeing its completion.

Speaking to Pep at the opening of Coach boutique, Rocco Nacino revealed details about his new house. According to the Kapuso actor, it has three floors, six bedrooms, and six bathrooms.

The third floor of his house would be the private place of the actor where his office, the master bedroom, and a bathroom can be found. He wants a place away from the hustles of the city so he chose to build his dream house in Antipolo.

“It’s very relaxing. It sits on top of a hill… It has a beautiful view of Ortigas,” the actor said.

Based on the report, Rocco Nacino shared that he got the lot in Antipolo three years ago and it took him three years to start building his new house. According to the actor, the planning stage took the longest phase.

“It’s a house that’s made to have everyone interact… I feel na family interaction is very important,” he said.

Wanting his new house to be like the house that his parents have built, Rocco Nacino reportedly made sure that the rooms are interconnected. He also made sure that there is a part where get-togethers can be held since he always plays as an event organizer.

Based on the report, the new house of the Kapuso actor will have much glass and wood. He is also excited of the kitchen area. It can be found in a place where his family would usually stay.

Currently, Rocco Nacino is closer to living in his dream house. The construction and the finances needed for it has taught the actor how to manage his personal expenses.

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