Finally! Piolo Pascual’s Ex-GF, Iñigo’s Mom Donna Lazaro Appears On TV

Piolo Pascual ‘s ex-girlfriend, Donna Lazaro, Iñigo Pascual’s mom appears on TV for the first time

Iñigo Pascual‘s mom Donna Lazaro, the ex-girlfriend of hunk actor Piolo Pascual finally had her first TV appearance.

For several years since Iñigo came her to the Philippines from the US, his mother has been aloof from the media.

Piolo Pascual
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On the other hand, during the recent episode of the Kapamiya morning talk show, Magandang Buhay, mommy Donna shared her time.

During the show, the ex-girlfriend of Piolo Pascual, confirmed that she and Iñigo will be staying in the country for good.

“Dito na talaga kaming dalawa. Kasi gusto niya rito,” Donna shared.

Donna Lazaro Inigo Pascual
(screenshot from Magandang Buhay video)

At a young age, she already noticed the love of  Iñigo for music.

“Noong bata pa, hindi talaga magaling pero mahilig kumanta. … Sumali siya sa singing sa grade school. Tinawagan ako ng teacher niya na panoorin ko raw kasi sumali sa singing contest.,” she said.

Donna did not know that her son joined a singing contest. She was also surprised about it because she knew her son is not that good, he only has confidence to sing.

(screenshot from Magandang Buhay video)

After that incident, Iñigo’s mom enrolled him to voice lessons.

“Feeling ko kasi noon ginagaya niya lang ‘yung papa niya. ‘Yung gusto niya lang mag-perform, ganito ginagawa ng papa ko. So, sabi ko kailangan mag-voice lessons ka rin,” Donna added.

She also recalled the time when her son urged her to let him enter show business. As a mother, Donna told her son that aspect of his life also needed the decision of his father.

At first, Piolo Pascal was against it but Donna Lazaro talked to him to let their son try show business.

Donna also expressed her promise to her son that she will continue to support him while Iñigo said how thankful he is to have his mom by his side.

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