Iñigo Pascual on people asking why he didn’t post for his mom’s birthday

inigo pascual mom

Iñigo Pascual has this reaction to people’s questions about his mom Actor-singer Iñigo Pascual answered the people who are asking why he did not post anything for his mom Donna Lazaro‘s birthday. A-list actor Piolo Pascual had his son Iñigo before he entered the entertainment industry with his former non-showbiz girlfriend. Iñigo’s mom has always … Read more

Finally! Piolo Pascual’s Ex-GF, Iñigo’s Mom Donna Lazaro Appears On TV

Piolo Pascual ‘s ex-girlfriend, Donna Lazaro, Iñigo Pascual’s mom appears on TV for the first time Iñigo Pascual‘s mom Donna Lazaro, the ex-girlfriend of hunk actor Piolo Pascual finally had her first TV appearance. For several years since Iñigo came her to the Philippines from the US, his mother has been aloof from the media. … Read more