Moira Dela Torre Breaks Silence On Performance During Marcos Fest

Moira Dela Torre Performs at Marcos Fest

MOIRA DELA TORRE – Through the social media, Singer Moira Dela Torre broke her silence with regards to her performance during the Marcos Fest.

Singer Moira Dela Torre is undeniably one of the prominent persons in the Philippine music industry now. Many people love the soft and unique singing voice of the singer-songwriter.

Moira is known for Malaya, Sundo, and Titibo-tibo among others. Several of her songs became the soundtrack of movies and television series. Malaya was the official soundtrack of Camp Sawi while Sundo was the soundtrack of Sundo.

Moira Dela Torre is a multi-awarded singer and she has also been nominated for several awards already. She is currently engaged to musician Jason Marvin.

The excellent talent of Moira Dela Torre is well-sought for different events. Recently, she performed at the 101st birth anniversary of the late former President Ferdinand Marcos in Ilocos Norte.

However, following her performance, the singer-songwriter received criticisms from the bashers. Undeniably, many people did not like that she sang at the event of the late President.

Through the social media, Moira Dela Torre recently broke her silence on the issue. According to the singer-songwriter, what she knew about the event is that it is the “Ilocano Millenial Night”. She stressed that the name was never mentioned.

Moira also emphasized that she sang for the Ilocanos and not for the late President.

In another Tweet, Moira Dela Torre stated that the producer failed to give them all the information about the event. She raised the speculation that it is for the purpose that she would accept it.

However, the claims of Moira Dela Torre go opposite with the statements of Ilocos Norte Tourism Office Head Aian Raquel. Speaking to Rappler, Raquel stressed that the organizers told her management and talent agent of the name of the event.

The Ilocos Norte Tourism Office Head also expressed that she was not forced to sing at the event.

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