Agot Isidro fired back to basher who accused her of posting: “Sa mahal ng bilihin konti nalang isang kilong bigas.”

Singer-actress Agot Isidro slammed her basher who criticized her over alleged Twitter post on 1 kilo of rice.

She allegedly posted this statement on her August 31 tweet: “Sa mahal ng bilihin konti nalang isang kilong bigas.”

Agot Isidro

(Photo source: Pinterest)

A netizen posted a photo of Agot along with her alleged tweet. Her basher captioned the post in Cebuano dialect.

“Oi mga LP, naa ra inyo idol, mas daghan ang 1kg bugas sa una kesa sa 1kg na rice karon… Kung kini modaog senador, mas daghan na cguro ang sulod sa 1kg rice hehe. Utak LP, 40×4=1600…”

Here is the translation in Filipino:

“Uy, mga LP, ayan ang idol niyo, mas marami daw ang isang kilong bigas noon kaysa isang kilong bigas ngayon. Kung ito ay mananalong senador, mas dadami na siguro ang laman ng isang kilong bigas hehe. Utak LP, 40×4=1600…” 

(Photo source: Twitter post of netizen Rey Cagampang)

People were quick to believe that she really tweeted it.

On the other hand, based on the article published in PEP, Agot Isidro disproved that the post came from her.

Another netizen tweeted the said allegation and the singer-actress clarified it.

“Kandidato ng LP ang utak nasa bunbonan tanga nlng ang sayo Konti nlng daw ang 1kilong bigas talino mo te hayop ka,” the netizen said

Agot Isidro stressed out that it was fake news. She clarified that she never tweeted something like that.

“Kuya, wag masyadong nagpapaniwala sa mga nababasa. Na- #FakeNews ka, kuya,” the Kapamilya star answered back.

Based on the article, Agot is one of the favored Senatorial candidates of Liberal Party along with Dingdong Dantes, Jim Paredes and Leah Navarro.

She is also known as one of the intense critic of President Rodrigo Duterte and his administration.

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