Luis Manzano On Answering His Bashers: “Hindi lahat ng artista, mabait”

Luis Manzano answers back to his bashers with this principle: “Hindi lahat ng artista, mabait”

Kapamilya host Luis Manzano is one of the celebrities who answers back to his bashers.

That is why he said to those who are throwing him mean comments: “Iba ako. Hindi lahat ng artista, mabait.”

For Luis, there is a need to answer his critics because he is just reciprocating what they are showing him.

Luis Manzano
(Photo source: PEP)

“Paikot lang naman iyan. Pag mabait ka, dapat mabait ang isukli mo. Pag may gumago sa iyo e, di, gaguhin mo rin. You reap what you sow,” the TV host said, based on the article published in PEP.

According to him, it is just right because he never presented himself to the public as “mabait”.

He also tag bashers as people who fail in life. Luis Manzano explained that bashers are just finding ways to lift themselves up through criticizing other people, whether celebrities or not.

Luis Manzano
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“They scream failure, they fail sa personal life nila, they fail as children, they fail sa school, they fail sa trabaho…” he shared.

The ‘I Can See Your Voice’ host added that he has challenged his bashers to say the mean words to him personally. However, no one accepted his dare.

“So bihira kang makakakita ng taong harap-harapan magsasabi kung ano ang nilalaman ng utak nila, especially if it’s something negative or if it’s an attack, a solid attack, so they always hide behind anonymity,” he stressed out.

Luis Manzano
(file photo)

On the other hand, he also stressed out that it is just fine to comment to other people but criticizing them is a different thing.

“Iba ang comment, iba yung critique over a performance,”  Luis Manzano explained, based on the article.

According to him, it is just but fair to answer back to the mean comments from bashers because he believes in the saying: “You reap what you sow.”

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