Luis Manzano Hits Back At Comment On Jessy Mendiola’s Steamy Photo

Luis Manzano’s Girlfriend Jessy Mendiola Posts Steamy Photo

LUIS MANZANO – Kapamilya television host Luis Manzano responded to a comment of a netizen on the steamy photo of his actress girlfriend Jessy Mendiola.

Luis Manzano, the son of Edu Manzano and Governor Vilma Santos-Recto, has always been known as a protective boyfriend to actress Jessy Mendiola. The two celebrities are in a romantic relationship for more than a year already.

Despite all the challenges that tried to hinder their relationship, Luis and Jessy’s bond keeps on going strong and many of their fans and supporters are rooting for the two celebrities to officially tie the knot soon.

Luis Manzano admitted to entertaining thoughts of settling down. Meanwhile, the son of Edu Manzano and Gov. Vilma Santos-Recto has previously stressed that he is respecting the timeline of Jessy Mendiola considering their age gap.

Luis Manzano
Photo lifted from Balita Newspaper Twitter

Many of their family, friends, and supporters are happy about their relationship and how they love and support each other which is really visible in their gestures, The actress was even the one who planned for the recent birthday celebration of the Kapamilya TV host.

Luis Manzano’s birthday celebration gathered both his parents, Jessy Mendiola’s family, and as well as his stepdad Senator Ralph Recto and his half-brother Ryan Christian Santos Recto.

For his part, it is no secret to the public that Luis is a protective boyfriend to Jessy and there are times that he responds to comments on his girlfriend’s post based on a report.

We recently learned from Fashion Pulis that he responded to a comment on the steamy photo posted by the actress.

“When @luckymanzano says no filter then no filter. from @eighthmermaid Abs from eating so much [rice emoji] yesterday,” the actress wrote in her post.

Jessy Mendiola Photo
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Jessy Mendiola Post
Screenshot lifted from Fashion Pulis | Main Source: @@senorita_jessy IG

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