Lucy Torres Shares Views About Daughter Juliana’s Friendship With Boys

Lucy Torres shares thoughts about Juliana’s male friends

Leyte Representative Lucy Torres talked about her views regarding her daughter Juliana’s friendship with boys.

The soon to be 18-year old lady is the only daughter of Lucy with actor-politician Richard Gomez. Being an unica hija, it is just normal for Juliana’s parents to be protective of her.

However, when it comes to being friends with boys, Lucy said that she is not hindering her daughter to develop friendship with opposite sex.

Lucy Torres and Juliana Gomez
(Photo source: The Asian Parent)

Based on the article published in PEP, the celebrity politician said she is not saying Juliana can’t have male friends.

“I don’t say, ‘No, no. You’re not allowed to be friends with boys’ or boys are not welcomed at home; in fact, she has a lot of male friends and they come to the house,” Lucy Torres shared.

Though the Congresswoman believes that love is a beautiful thing, she advises her daughter not to rush things about relationship.

“I tell her lang, ‘Huwag magmadali.’ At that age, you’re so young. You feel na kasi it’s love, but ang layo pa niyan. Parang ang babata pa talaga nila. So I said na, ‘Make a lot of friends.’” she said.

Lucy also admitted that Juliana inherited Richard‘s trait of being friendly, based on the article.

“She’s like her dad, e. She’s really big on friends,” the congresswoman continued. I see the wisdom in that because through the years, the ones who have become like family to us are really from Richard’s wide network of friends. He has [friends] from when he was small. He doesn’t end friendships,” Lucy related.

As a mother who knows how the life of a celebrity is, she wanted to have Juliana a normal childhood. She did not want that her daughter will think that girls and boys can’t be friends.

“It doesn’t also have to be, ‘Baka nandito yan kasi nanliligaw yan?’ Di ba? Why put malice in something simple?” the celebrity mom said.

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