September 1: “-Ber Months” Of 2018 Officially Begins Today

Today, September 1, Marks the Start of 2018 Ber Months

SEPTEMBER 1 – The ber months of the year 2018 has officially started today, September 1.

Undeniably, lots of people are looking forward to the -ber months. It is when the weather in the Philippines started to get cooler and cooler. It gives the ambiance of the approaching holiday season.

Once it has started, it seems like days and nights are being pulled fast. Many are starting to think about the gifts they will be giving their loved ones in December. If you haven’t think about it and save for it yet, it is wise to start now.

Today, September 1, marks the start of the -ber months for the year 2018. We are more than just three months away from Christmas time. Are you planning to put up your Christmas tree anytime soon?

Christmas Time
Photo Courtesy of Inquirer/Lyn Rillon

Traditionally, lots of people are greeting others “Merry Christmas” on September 1. It goes with the belief that the ones who do it first to another person would be receiving a gift from that person.

Undeniably, the -ber months are usually busy months for everyone. Many people are preparing to get pass their goals before another year unfolds. So much has to be prepared for as December and 2019 approach. The people are starting to prepare for big reunions and parties in December.

The start of the -ber months is also the beginning of the playing of Christmas songs everywhere. Who would forget the Chinese-Filipino singer, Jose Mari Chan? His Christmas songs could be heard from homes to public places.

Jose Mari Chan
Photo by Sonny Thakur

What is your favorite Jose Mari Chan Christmas song? Feel free to drop the title in the comment section below.

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