Cancelled Flights On August 20, 2018, Monday (List)

List of Cancelled Flights Today

CANCELLED FLIGHTS – More than five local flights have been cancelled today, August 20, 2018.

It is inevitable for flights to be cancelled. Some suspensions are because of the bad weather while others are due to certain circumstances just like the runway closure.

For today, August 20, more than five flights are cancelled based on the social media posts of People’s Television on Twitter. Based on the tweets, the said flights are local ones and are usually Manila-Cebu and Manila-Iloilo.

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Photo lifted from Daily Post

Based on the social media posts, here is the list of cancelled flights today, August 20, 2018:

  • Cebu Pacific Air

5J 483/484 Manila-Bacolod-Manila

5J 451/452 Manila-Iloilo-Manila

5J 321/322 Manila-Legazpi-Manila

  • Air Asia

Z2 0763/0764 Manila-Cebu-Manila

Z2 0424/0425 Manila-Puerto Princesa-Manila

Z2 0309/0310 Manila-Iloilo-Manila

Z2 225/226 Manila-Caticlan-Manila

Z2 761/762 Manila-Cebu-Manila

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