WATCH: Doctor Argues With MMDA Official; Tagged As “10-Minutes Boy”

Doctor Got Involved in an Argument with an MMDA Official

DOCTOR – A video showing the argument between a Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) official and a driver went viral.

Previously, the social media was left abuzz when a video of a woman arguing with an MMDA official was posted. It went viral and garnered different reactions from the people.

The lady driver refused to give her license to the MMDA official over illegal parking. She was identified as Christine Villamora Estepa, a Prosecution Attorney at the Department of Justice in Manila. Her husband was also dragged in the issue.

The actions of the lady driver have earned her criticisms from other netizens on the social media. She’s even tagged as the “5-Minute Girl”.

Recently, another video showing the argument between a driver and an MMDA official crossed the social media. It hooked the netizens’ attention. The said video is posted on the Facebook page Pastilan.

Based on the caption, the driver involved in the argument is a doctor. He refused to give his license to the MMDA official over the alleged illegal parking. According to him, he has to go to the hospital.

Following their argument, the doctor is tagged as “10-Minutes Boy”.

As of this writing, the social media post has gathered more than two thousand views. Here are some of the comments on the post:

“Anyare sa pinas”

“Ang daming mga professional na mayabang at hindi makasunod sa simpleng batas”

“Lagot kayo hnd kayo aasikasuhin ni Doc kpag nagpagamot kayo sa hospital na pinagtatrabahuhan nya”

“pag bawal bawal talaga kahit doktor ka pa bakit ako sumusunod sa ganyan.”

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