VIRAL: Father Still Taking Care Of Baby While Driving Tricycle

This father went viral because he has his baby with him while he was driving a tricycle.

The post of Facebook user Mar Errol Buhat Diaconte captured the hearts of many netizens for it featured a remarkable act of a tricycle driver.

On Diaconte’s July 7 post, he shared that when he called for a tricycle that will bring him home, he was surprised.

It is because the driver has his 11-month baby with him. The father is still taking care of his son while working.

Tricycle driver who went viral
(Photo source: Mar Errol Buhat Diaconte FB)

Due to this post, many netizens knew about his good deed and it went viral to the point that he was featured on TV.

The heart-melting story happened in Pontevedra, Capiz. According to a report published in ABS-CBN, the tricycle driver is Vicente Botante and his baby is named Rayve.

(Photo source: Mar Errol Buhat Diaconte FB)

Everyday, Vicente would bring his son while he is earning for a living because his wife left them. He uses an old baby carrier to put his baby on his lap while driving.

Baby Rayve’s things such as diaper and food are already placed inside the tricycle.

(Photo source: Mar Errol Buhat Diaconte FB)

Vicente said that it is difficult for him to bring his child while driving but he had to do that because there is no one who will take care of the baby, he said during an interview.

He also needs to work to support the needs of Baby Rayve.

On the post showing his photos, netizens commented with pride to what Vicente is doing for his child.

There were also several netizens who expressed that they are ready to help him financially while some wished that he will be more blessed.

As of the writing, the Facebook post of Diaconte about this has already received over 10 thousand reactions from other netizens.

FB users also shared it for over 9 thousand times.


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