Andi Eigenmann Reveals Why She, Jake Ejercito Won’t Be A Couple Again

No getting back together for Andi Eigenmann and Jake Ejercito?

ANDI EIGENMANN – Maid in London actress Andi Eigenmann revealed the reason why she and her former boyfriend Jake Ejercito won’t be a couple again.

Recently, based on a report, Andi Eigenmann revealed that she is now single by choice. She has broken up with her non-showbiz surfer boyfriend Emilio Arambulo with whom she had a two-year relationship.

Andi stepped away from the limelight when she got pregnant and gave birth to Ellie, her daughter with Jake Ejercito. Previously, there was a conflict between the actress and the son of former Philippine President and now Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada but they are visibly in good terms now.

Aside from devoting her time as a mother to Ellie, Andi Eigenmann also spend some time on her advocacy which is to save the ocean. She is into surfing – just like her ex-boyfriend Emilio Arambulo.

Andi Eigenmann
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Now that Andi Eigenmann is single, many of her and Jake Ejercito’s fans and supporters are surely rooting for the two celebrities to get back together. Both of them visibly have wonderful relationships with their lovely daughter Ellie.

Jake Ejercito
@unoemilio IG

Pep recently posted a video on YouTube showing the actress revealing the reason why she and the father of her daughter cannot be a couple again. According to her, they no longer match each other as she is a different person now.

“I know a lot of people will hope for us to get back together but that’s definitely not going to happen. Ever. Because I’m a different person now,” she said.

Andi Eigenmann also stressed that Jake Ejercito is not surfing. It is her number one qualification. When asked if he needs to learn how to surf to get back to her, the actress responded that her partner must be better than her at surfing.

“Hindi na kami tugma. Di na kami bagay,” she said.

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