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7:19 AM May 7, 2018

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7:19 AM May 7, 2018

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Ysabel Ortega shares something about her relationship with father.

YSABEL ORTEGA – The Kapamilya teen actress Ysabel Ortega opens up about her relationship with her father, the veteran actor Lito Lapid.

Ysabel Ortega is the daughter of Michelle Ortega with veteran actor and action star Lito Lapid.

She is known for the role she played in the now-defunct series top-billed by JaDine, the On The Wings Of Love.

To recall, she opened up in 2015 that she has not seen her father and years later, it seems like things haven’t changed between them.

Ysabel Ortega

In her interview with the late-night talk show “Tonight With Boy Abunda”, she revealed that she and her father have not seen each other and that she doesn’t have any means to have a communication with her father.

But she shared that she was close to the actor when she was little until they eventually got distant from each other.

However, she revealed that she is always thinking of him.

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She went on, “So whenever it’s his birthday, you know I always make it a point to greet him. And every holidays, lagi ko pa rin pong binabati (I still always greet him), and of course hoping that someday, I get to see him again.”

But the seasoned actor accordingly never reciprocated her efforts.

Despite the cold shoulder, the teen actress indicated, “I still have love for him, I still respect him as my Dad and he’s one of the reasons why I joined show business. Because I look up to him. He’s one of my role models and I’m very proud to have him as my father.”

Moreover, “Papa, if you’re watching, I really miss you and nandito lang po ako. No matter what happens I will always be here, I will always be your daughter, I will always love you, and I will always have respect for you.”

Watch her interview below:

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