Gary Valenciano Tells Public Not To Worry Over His Health Condition

GARY VALENCIANO – Singer and dancer Gary Valenciano had to undergo an “emergency open heart surgery” but assured his supporters that there is nothing to worry about.

Many of the fans and supporters of Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano were surprised and saddened upon knowing that the singer had to undergo an emergency procedure concerning a blocked artery in his heart.

Gary is one of the celebrities who have remained active in show business until now. It is no secret to the public that he is diabetic but he never fails to leave people jaw-dropped by his every performance whether he sings or dances or even both.

Based on a recent report in Pep, the Manila Genesis Entertainment, the talent agency owned by Gary Valenciano and his wife Angeli Pangilinan-Valenciano, released a statement on the condition of the singer-dancer.

Gary Valenciano

Photo lifted from Chisms

The talent agency shared the statement written by Gary Valenciano on May 5, the evening before he underwent an “open heart surgery”. The singer-dancer recalled the celebration of his 35th-anniversary in the industry wherein he performed with his son Gab Valenciano and a team. It happened two weeks ago.

“To some, it may have looked like routine movements for my songs from yesteryears, but that performance is one I won’t ever forget. My life from that point would never be the same,” he stated.

According to Gary V, following the dance performance, he felt a “sensation” that he has never ever felt before. He experienced tightness and pain in his chest.

Gary Valenciano

Photo lifted from The Manila Times

Gary Valenciano

Photo lifted from Inquirer

Based on the report, the statement entailed that Gary Valenciano consulted a doctor immediately and went through tests. The results showed that he has a good and strong heart except for the main valve that is “95% blocked” and has very thin walls due to his diabetes.

Mr. Pure Energy apologized over the commitments that he won’t be able to do as he needs to recover from his surgery. Meanwhile, he tells the public not to worry but to pray instead.

“I have an expert team of gifted doctors, some of them have taken great care of me for many, many years now. I believe in God who restores; my God who heals, and rescues, my God who is my strength… and my God who gives each of us a thousand 2nd chances.”

Based on the report, Gary Valenciano’s wife Angeli has already given an update regarding the surgery of her husband. According to her, the heart surgery was successful. She also shared that their family has already visited him in the recovery room and the doctors expressed that he is doing very well.

Angeli asked, on behalf of their family, for prayers for the fast recovery of her husband.

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