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4:45 PM March 13, 2018

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4:45 PM March 13, 2018

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Journalist Explains Billy & Colleen’s Prenuptial Photo Failure

A certain journalist has explained why Billy & Colleen’s prenuptial photos were a creative failure despite bunches of criticisms online.

Previously, the prenuptial photos of the celebrity couple Billy Crawford and Colleen Garcia has been the headlines of several local news outlets and social media pages.

The celebrity couple receives numerous criticisms from the social media users for allegedly being insensitive in the culture and for using the residents of Lalibela, Ethiopia for the photoshoot.

Billy & Colleen’s Prenuptial

The photos were taken in different areas of Lalibela, Ethiopia wearing heavily printed outfits, which allegedly not looking very happy for others.

Recently, Maine Manalansan of Young Star has explained why Billy & Colleen’s prenuptial photos were a creative failure.

Manalasan also quoted the statement of Billy and Colleen regarding the issue stating that Ethiopian Airlines has sponsored the production as part of the tourism campaign.

Billy & Colleen’s Prenuptial

The couple also explained that a local tour guide witnessed the entire fashion shoot and even suggested layouts.

However, the journalist questioned the point of the shoot that revolved around Billy and Colleen if it was meant to show the beauty of Ethiopia.

Billy & Colleen’s Prenuptial

When executing a creative campaign shoot, it all boils down to a good concept. All you need is to check one important thing from your list: execute your “why” the best way possible,” Manalasan said quoted by Youngstar.

The journalist also explained that although the celebrity couple had the approval of the locals and the Ethiopian Airlines, it wasn’t allegedly done in good taste for failing to show the beauty of Ethiopia, which was the main task of Metrophoto.

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