NCIP’s official statement over misleading use of the term “Bagani”.

BAGANI – The National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) finally releases their official statement with regards to the hounding issue of misuse of the term “Bagani” on ABS-CBN’s newest fantasy series.

As per the issue of the reported misuse of the term “Bagani” on ABS-CBN’s newest series, the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) released an official statement.

“The Bagani is real, not a fictional and not even a mythological group of warriors which the ABS-CBN TV series would like to portray,” stated in the letter.

It has also been added to the letter that the show “distorts, misleads, and confuses rather than educate” for the show portrayed it as fictional and mythological.


“By portraying Bagani as merely fictional or mythological, and without reference to its historical and cultural significance, the TV fantasy show distorts, misleads, and confuses rather than educate the Filipino TV viewers on the indigenous concept and term ‘Bagani’.”

Furthermore, it has indicated, “It is not surprising that members of the Manobo and other ICCs/IPs took deep offense on the appropriation of the term in the TV show.”

Hence, they are calling out the ABS-CBN to “immediately rectify” the issue as “to prevent misleading or confusing the general public by giving false information about the concept.”

Or else, the NCIP and other ICCs/IPs will have to take necessary remedies “to protect and fulfill the rights of the indigenous people to their cultural integrity as guaranteed by the Constitution and by law.”

Read the full official statement from the NCIP below:


Photo lifted from Facebook/ Rwn Caliba

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