Honest Uber Driver Invades Passenger’s Facebook To Return Its Lost Phone

Honest Uber Driver Invades Passenger’s Facebook To Return Its Lost Phone

An honest Uber driver has invaded his passenger’s Facebook through posting a status, which was intended to return its lost phone.

Nowadays, we could usually read and watch different stories showing the honest and heroism act of public utility drivers towards their passengers.

Another Uber driver showed an act of honesty and loyalty to his client after making a unique method to return the lost cellphone of his passenger.

Honest Uber Driver

Recently, the Facebook user named Maje Palarca has shared how an honest Uber driver returned the lost phone of her dad.

The Uber driver logged into the Facebook account of his passenger identified as Pollie Palarca apologizing for invading his social media account and announced that its phone was left inside his vehicle.

Maje Palarca revealed that her father would not know that his phone got lost if the Uber driver did not post a status.

Honest Uber Driver

Palarca wrote on her another status that her dad has already received the lost phone the next day after the Uber driver identified as Rey Terana has made the post.

The social media users have also lauded the honest driver for his admirable gesture:

Metron Nocum: “God bless the driver!!!”

Zarina De Guzman: “God bless ur heart “

Maila Pdg: “Amazing. “God bless him more”

Kristina de Guzman: “Good thing the phone wasn’t locked lol.”

Marie Kristine De Guzman-Yango: “Good job, sir!”

Dapjuu Jam: “Gotta do the Uber files!”

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