Sharon Cuneta Shares Essential Tip, Secret On How She Lose Weight

Sharon Cuneta shares her secret on how she lose weight.

SHARON CUNETA – The Megastar Sharon Cuneta kindly shared her formula and secret for losing weight to a netizen who also wanted to shed off some pounds.

The Megastar’s journey to lose some extra pounds, as much as everyone is well-aware of, is never an easy journey.

She has to cut off some part of her food, change of eating habit, and utmost discipline by inculcating to herself that she really needs to lose some pounds for the sake of her health.

Cuneta has battled so much just to shed off some weight thus, with determination, Sharon is slowly going back to her shape.

Sharon Cuneta
Photo grabbed on Instagram (@reallysharoncuneta)

And due to the big changes in the body of Sharon that the people have noticed, some have made the Megastar their inspiration to be fit and be healthier.

In a feed from the Instagram account of Sharon, a fan, of whom is a call center agent and a single mother has commented that she is struggling to lose weight.

Thus, the kind Megastar shared her weight loss formula and that is to eat anything but just a taste of it and cut out all the carbs.

She further shared other tips and gave emphasis to never skip a meal and starve yourself and fried foods and of course, sweets.

The steps will have slow results but are sure.

She just had to be wise in choosing the food she eats.

“Hope this helps. I don’t want you to have a hard time so just take it easy and choose your foods wisely. God bless you. You’ll get there. Promise me,” she wrote.

Sharon Cuneta
Photo grabbed on Instagram (@reallysharoncuneta)
Sharon Cuneta
Photo grabbed on Instagram (@reallysharoncuneta)

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