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Egyptian Citizen Defends Filipino Workers & Asks For Their Rights

Mahmoud Tolba, Egyptian Citizen Defends Filipino Workers & Asks For Their Rights

An Egyptian citizen named Mahmoud Tolba has defended the Filipino workers and asked for their rights on his viral video clip.

Nowadays, the reports regarding the increasing numbers of maltreated and abused Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) spread like a wildfire in the social media.

President Rodrigo Duterte even suspends the deployment of aspiring OFW’s who wanted to work in Kuwait after the news about the dead Filipina found inside a freezer has been reported.

Egyptian Citizen

Filipino people working in Kuwait immediately returned to the Philippines after President Duterte urged the Philippines Airlines (PAL) and Cebu Pacific to give a special flight for abused OFWs and for those who wanted to go home.

Recently, the Facebook page “Kuwait Market” has uploaded the video of an Egyptian citizen identified as Mahmoud Tolba defending the Filipino workers and asked for their rights.

In the video, it can be seen that Tolba boast that Filipino workers are doing good jobs and most of them have a great job in the United States.

Egyptian Citizen

Tolba explained the rights of the Filipino workers such as rights of having a rest day, clothing, and any other rights.

The Egyptian man also urged President Duterte not to send Filipino workers to Kuwait anymore.

Watch the video for full details:

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