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2:10 PM February 13, 2018

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2:10 PM February 13, 2018

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Scared Netizen Shares Creepy Photos During Their High School Reunion

A scared netizen has shared the creepy photos, which are taken during their high school reunion and now making rounds online.

Nowadays, most of the younger generation doesn’t believe in supernatural events, creatures, and even in superstitious belief because of the modern technology.

However, there are some young people believing in something supernatural after experiencing strange phenomenon.

Creepy Photos

Recently, a Facebook user named Jayson Posadas has uploaded the creepy photos taken during their mini–high school reunion, which frightens him and make him believe in supernatural events.

Jayson hung out with his former classmates from high school having so much fan involving celebration and a little bit of karaoke.

After spending time with his former classmates they have decided to take photographs of their little get-together, which turned to be horrifying photos that might indicate his impending death.

Creepy Photos

The horrifying photos show the whole body of Jayson has vanished but his feet were left in the photo.

The Filipino superstitious belief explains that a person being headless in a photo indicates its impending death. The folklore also said that burning the clothes wore that person during that particular time could counter this fate.

Creepy Photos

Here is the full post:

“This photo was taken last night kasi nga nag reunion kami ng mga highschool classmate ko. Yung 1st photo makikita niyo na nandun ako then the 2nd photo makikita niyo na wala na yung upper body ko pero yung paa ko nandun pa din sa picture. Yung mga ganitong sitwasyon hndi dapat binabaliwala bagkus bigyan natin ito ng pansin para makontra kung ano man yung signos na gustong iparating ng senyales na ito. Syempre nung una ko tong nakita kinilabutan ako kasi 1st time nangyare sakin to hndi ako maniniwala na inedit to kasi nga 7am na kami natapos so hndi na pagaaksayahan ng mga kasama ko para iedit to kasi nga may mga hang over din sila. So yun nagtanong tanong ako kung ano ang dapat kong gawin sabi ng karamihan sunugin ko daw yung suot kong damit that night so ginawa ko naman siya makikita niyo sa 3rd photo wala naman kasi mawawala kung susunod ka sa kasabihan eh. So ayun doble ingat na lang lalo na sa ating mga graduating dahil hanggang ngaun kinikilabutan pa din ako sa nangyare. Always pray lang dahil hndi tayo papabayaan ni God!

#Creepyphoto #GodisAlwaysWithUs”

What can you say about this? Just feel free to leave your comments and reactions to this article.

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