How much did Isabelle Duterte’s luxurious debut celebration cost?

Presidential Granddaughter Isabelle Duterte Turns 18

ISABELLE DUTERTE – Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s granddaughter Isabelle Duterte was given a luxurious debut celebration on her 18th birthday.

The daughter of former Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte with his estranged businessman woman wife Lovelie Sangkola Sumera recently turned 18 years old. Isabelle Duterte celebrated her debut at The Peninsula Manila hotel in Makati City.

Based on a report, the presidential granddaughter was given a luxurious birthday celebration. Her guests were served with a lavish 5-course meal: the Seared Jumbo Lump Crab Cake, the Wild Mushroom Bisque, the Angel Hair Aglio Olio, the Twelve-Hour Braised US Boneless Beef Short Rib, and the Classic Napoleon.

After photos of the lavish debut celebration of Isabelle Duterte circulated on social media, netizens could not resist from speculating on the overall cost of the party given to the presidential granddaughter.

Isabelle Duterte
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Based on a report in Pep, photographer Lito Sy previously announced that it was the mother of Isabelle Duterte who paid for the suppliers stressing that she is a businesswoman. He clarified that it was not former Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte who paid for the suppliers.

The source came up with an estimate of the overall cost of the party of the presidential granddaughter based on research and inquiries with events suppliers.

The Print Diva did the invitation for the event. The LED invitation costs PHP2,500 and the overall estimated cost is PHP750,000 if there are 300 invites sent out to the guests.

According to the report, two sources claimed that the Rita Neri Events Planners (RNEP) which facilitated the over-all planning for Isabelle’s debut charges between PHP80,000 to PHP150,000 for a wedding in Manila.

Reportedly, four sources claimed that event stylist Rob Blancaflor who led the grand design that are very Instagrammable charges at least PHP300,000. One of the four sources speculated that Rob could have charged Isabelle Duterte’s camp PHP500,000 for the party.

Based on Pep’s report, the estimate of the ball gown worn by the celebrant is at a minimum price of PHP1.5 million. Celebrity stylist Jeff Galang was also one of those who assisted with the changes in the gowns of the debutante.

Citing Our Budget Wedding website, the research came up with Jeff charging at least PHP25,000 for his services. The rental of the clothes is already included in the estimated charge.

Citing an information from Pep’s source, the estimate of the package rate charged by the celebrity stylist including the shoots may be between PHP 80,000 and PHP 100,000.

Based on the report, Isabelle Duterte also wore shoes made by Jefferson Si whose, according to a source who has made a transaction with him, basic designs do not fall below P9,000. The total estimated cost of the shoes is at PHP60,000.

The event was held at The Peninsula Manila hotel and, reportedly, the use of the Rigodon Ballroom does not fall below a consumable amount of PHP1 million. Reportedly, the cake was made by Pastry Bin’s Penk Ching. Its price is estimated to not fall below PHP130,000.

Lito Sy, one of the top photographers in the country, did the photo and video coverage of the event. Based on the report, his website states that his gold package services cost PHP290,000.

The make-up of Isabelle Duterte was done by Winn Ramos and her hair by Allan Vicentico. According to the report, the average rates for premium packages on hair and makeup of a debutant can reach a maximum price of PHP50,000.

With regards to the cost of the sounds and lights at the grand birthday celebration, Forsc Ink’s services is estimated to be at PHP250,000. DJ David Callum who usually has an PHP80,000 talent fee was tapped for the event.

There was also an orchestra hired at the birthday celebration of Isabel Duterte, the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO). The orchestra rates usually go between PHP30,000 and PHP50,000.

Pricey gifts were also given away at the debut celebration of Isabelle Duterte. Two guests received Hermes items as prizes for being the ‘best dressed’ guests. Prosecco wines were also given away. Citing the Brown Brother’s website, the 750ml of the said wine does not fall below PHP1,000.

Based on the report, the estimated cost of the fragrances given away to the guests would not fall below PHP100,000.

Reportedly, the estimated cost for the grand debut celebration of Isabelle Duterte could reach as much as PHP5.1 million excluding the pre-debut shoots of the presidential granddaughter.

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