Sharon Cuneta “Accuses” Daughter KC Concepcion For “Stealing” Something From Her

Sharon Cuneta chides daughter KC Concepcion.

SHARON CUNETA – The Megastar Sharon Cuneta calls out daughter KC Concepcion on social media for “stealing” something from her.

The megastar and the mega-daughter are indeed undeniably like a pea-bod divided into two as they really reflect each other’s physical beauty.

Sharon Cuneta and KC Concepcion definitely do not need any DNA tests to know that they are blood-related.

And lately, on Instagram, Sharon called out her daughter from accordingly stealing something away from her.

It was after KC has posted a throwback photo of her feverishly clad only in a sleek jacket and an underwear teasingly showing some skin from her very toned body.

The written caption of the post indicated, “When you wanna enjoy winter but you’re really just this beach baby who wants a tan.”

See it below:

To which has then caught so much attention from the people of the said social media platform over the sizzling vibes that the photo has been emitting.

Thus, Sharon Cuneta has commented, “Why?! WHY THIS POSE, MARIA KRISTINA CASSANDRA CUNETA CONCEPCION?!!!!!!!!!! Bakit? BAKIT MO INAGAW ANG POSE KO?!!! Sa next pictorial ko dapat gagawin yan eh. Tsk tsk tsk. Taksiyapo ninganacu! Hahaha! Joke! Calma mama Calma tranquiko tranquilo. Y Kristina, basta YA OKAY?!”

Sharon Cuneta
Photo grabbed on Instagram (@itskcconcepcion)

Sharon stated as she chides her daughter jokingly accusing her of stealing that particular pose she wanted to do in her next pictorial.

In another comment, Sharon Cuneta further stated, Hmmp! Nakasuot nga ng thong sa pictorial. At di ako magsusuot ng jacket. Hmmp.”

Sharon Cuneta
Photo grabbed on Instagram (@itskcconcepcion)

To which KC has responded to that she just actually learned it from her.

What can you say about this?

Source: Instagram

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