Albie Casiño Expresses Disappointment On Cebu Pacific’s Canceled Flights

Pinoy Actor Albie Casiño Expresses Disappointment On Cebu Pacific’s Canceled Flights

The young Filipino actor Albie Casiño has expressed his disappointment on Cebu Pacific canceled flights without providing the passengers’ necessities.

Over the past few months, we already heard countless complaints and negative feedbacks regarding the Cebu Pacific Airline, which was dubbed as the worst airline in the country.

Recently, Alan Benedict “Albie” Lee Casiño or popularly known as Albie Casiño has posted his complaints and disappoint with the canceled flights of Cebu Pacific on his Instagram account.

Albie Casiño

In the post, the actor complained about being stranded at the airport because of Cebu Pacific’s cancellation of flights while other airlines kept their flights.

The 24-year-old celebrity also expressed his disappointments upon the failure of the airline to provide meals, accommodation, refunds, and other necessary stuff.

Albie Casiño

Here is the full post:

“@cebupacificair I always knew you were the worst airline but I’ve never had first hand experience. Today you cancelled all flights while all other airlines kept theirs, not only that you failed to provide us with our rights as passengers for accommodation meals refunds and many more. I’m glad to say this is my last time flying @cebupacificair and I’m urging all my friends/family/supporters never take @cebupacificair trust me #fail #cebupac?”

Casiño post also prompted the social media users to express their sentiments and worst experience with the said airline.

Maryrenz: “That is soo true! I booked online and as to my surprise, they sent me an email telling me my flight is confirmed but it isnt! There was no itinerary attached to my email. I kept calling them and it took them around more than a week to figure out it was a system glitch! Wtf! I had to book to another airline!”

Smashing bananas: “that’s true!! worst airline ever.”

Doni deee: “ganyan din kame non.. pa taiwan! 7 hours delayed… wala man lang pa hotel… grabe!!!”

Soltero ashjimboy: “I concur! still waiting for my refund last months flight but still I didn’t receive up to now!!!”

Bashvia:,i had a bad experience as well a few years ago. My lagguage was broken then they said to will contact me but till this day i never hear anything from them”

Mrsasay: “Very much true…my worst flight experience ever”

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