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Artist Maestro Abayan Gives His Amazing Artworks To President Duterte

President Duterte Receives Amazing Artworks From Artist Maestro Abayan

The Filipino artist Maestro Abayan gives his amazing artworks to President Rodrigo Duterte expressing his admiration for the president.

Nowadays, most Filipino people admire President Duterte for his humility, concern, and love for our beloved country ‘Philippines’.

Duterte’s simple and frugal lifestyle is one of his major traits loved by the most of our countrymen. He also lives like an ordinary Filipino citizen despite sitting in the country’s highest position.

Recently, a Facebook user named Maestro Abayan or known as Ronilo Abayan has uploaded his photos when he gives his amazing artworks to President Duterte at the Malacañang Palace.

Photo Courtesy of Presidential Photos

In the photos, it can be seen that Abayan made a portrait of President Duterte using oil on canvas.

The photos have a caption of:

“Its an honor to meet my idol President Rodrigo Roa Duterte , hope you like my simple painting . Words cannot express How I feel because you inspired us to do our best and be a better Filipino for future generation. Saludo! 🙂President Rodrigo “Rody” Duterte”

Maestro Abayan

Photo Courtesy of Presidential Photos

Photo Courtesy of Presidential Photos

Maestro Abayan

The netizens also expressed their praises and admiration for Abayan’s masterpieces:

Char A. Moss: “ You’re so humble maestro! Simple painting pala yan sayo? Kuhang kuha mo nga eh! Salute to u. Napaka husay”

Ernest Pine Da: “ Obra maestra para sa PRRD Administration. Mabuhay ka at saludo sa galing mo sa Sining.”

Sunrise Sunrise: “Amazing po!!!! Such incredible talent!!”

Paulee Avenir: “ Those paintings are far from simple. They are glorious.”

Cegie Catua: “ang lupit ng kamay mo sir buhay na buhay yung gawa…”

Catherine Bartolome Cadiente: “ang lupit ng kamay mo sir buhay na buhay yung gawa…”

What can you say about this? Just feel free to leave your comments and reactions to this article.

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