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11:20 AM November 14, 2017

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11:20 AM November 14, 2017

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Celebrities React On Confrontation Of Duterte Blogger, BBC Journalist

Several Filipino celebrities have reacted on the confrontation between a pro-Duterte blogger and a BBC journalist at the coverage of 31st ASEAN Summit.

Sass Rogando Sasot is popularly known as one of the staunch supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte. She was supporting the president through defending the Mr. Duterte on her Facebook post and lambasting its critics.

Recently, a Twitter user named Kristine Patag has uploaded a short video footage of Sass Rogando Sasot while confronting a Jover Laurio, a BBC journalist at the International Media Center for the ASEAN Summit coverage.

In the video, it can be seen that the Pinay blogger and the BBC reporter were having a confrontation regarding some matters.

However, the Presidential Communications Operation Office (PCOO) Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson did not join the confrontation and choose to just watch and listen to the confrontation between Sasot and Laurio.

BBC Journalist

The video footage of the confrontation between the pro-Duterte blogger and BBC reporter garnered different reactions from the netizens especially from some Filipino celebrities such as Agot Isidro, Jim Paredes, and Ogie Diaz.

BBC Journalist

Here are some of the comments from the netizens:

Glitch08: “Feeling entitled ang kurimaw. Pinakita nya lang. kung paano i-harass ng mga DDS ang sino mang hindi sang-ayon sa kanila. Bisita natin ang International media, bakit kailangan i-harass?”

Dong B: “Feeling nya First Son of the Philppines sya

Harleymagz: Shes a Filipino may right ba siya yes kagaya mo may karapatan ka din mag tanung

Some social media users also slammed Mocha Uson for doing nothing during the confrontation:

H D’ baroness: “She was just standing there, doing nothing as a private citizen lambasted a foreign journalist. She is a Cabinet member and could have stopped Sassot from embarrassing US.”

Raphael Hernandez Paints!: “She was rendered speechless because the whole exchange was in English.”

What can you say about this? Just feel free to leave your comments and reactions for this article.

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