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11:40 AM November 7, 2017

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11:40 AM November 7, 2017

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Isabel Granada’s Remains To Be Brought Home in PH

ISABEL GRANADA – StarNet Business Development manager Arnel Cowley is set to bring home the remains of actress Isabel Granada in the Philippines.

The sudden passing of 41-year-old actress Isabel Granada has left countless hearts broken and many people in grief and sadness.

Reportedly, she was in Doha, Qatar to attend an event and have a good time with her husband Arnel Cowley when the unexpected incident happened. At a meet-and-greet event, Isabel suddenly felt dizzy and collapsed.

Based on a report, she was rushed to the hospital. She was in a state of coma for more than a week at Hamad General Hospital.

Isabel Granada

Screenshot from Instagram: @isabelgranada21

Isabel Granada suffered from massive internal bleeding and an aneurysm. She also went through six times cardiac arrest.

Her mother, Isabel Villarama or also commonly known as Mommy Guapa, and 14-year-old son with ex-husband Angeles City Councilor Jericho Aguas named Hubert Aguas flew to Doha, Qatar to be with the actress.

The Angeles City Councilor also followed them to Qatar to support Mommy Guapa and his son and contribute whatever he can for the recovery of his ex-wife.

Many netizens were touched as both Isabel’s husband and ex-husband were there to watch over her and show their love for her.

Sadly, Arnel Cowley recently informed the public that Isabel Granada has passed away. The grieving husband was emotional as he shared about his pain and longing for his wife.

Mommy Guapa, Hubert, and Jericho flew back to the Philippines ahead to prepare for the wake and burial of Isa. Arnel’s still in Qatar as he processes the actress’ papers with the help of Joseph Rivera, Isa’s cousin.

Based on a recent report in Pep, the wake of Isabel Granada in the Philippines will be held at Santuario de San Jose Parish inside the Green Hills East Village in Mandaluyong City beginning on the 9th day of this month.

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