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1:28 PM October 18, 2017

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1:28 PM October 18, 2017

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Kris Aquino has a classic respond to a basher of Vice President Leni Robredo.

KRIS AQUINO – The “Queen of all media” Kris Aquino has this classic response to a basher of Vice President Leni Robredo.

Kris Aquino is truly a woman of class living up her reputation being the Queen of All Media.

She always has this wit which never failed to amaze the people.

And this wit was always with her even in responding to the bashers trying to put her down or the people around her.

The way she responds to make her stand is indeed full of dignity and somehow for some time has humor in it which always impresses the people.

And recently, another basher has come up in one of her posts on her Instagram account.

The basher was not hers but it was for the Vice President Leni Robredo. A basher who bravely expresses sentiment over something that the politician has done.

The comment was obtained from a post of Kris about a certain to which the caption told, “Thank you for the opportunity to highlight #ANGATKABUHAYAN! Whatever our individual political beliefs are, we should be united in our desire to UPLIFT all FILIPINO LIVES!”

Angat Kabuhayan is the is Angat Buhay’s livelihood arm, which aims to promote sustainable livelihood opportunities to poor communities which is also an advocacy program of the vice president.

On the comment section, a certain @legardagerald has said, @krisaquino Nasisira image nyo po dahil Kay Leni robredo!! She is fake VP., di namin makakalimutan ung sinira nya ung imahe ng Pilipinas in an international media. Super makasarili. Sarili nya lang at kapartido nya iniisip niya. You should start to listen and observe!!! LENI ROBREDO is a JOKE in the Philippine History!!!”

And Kris’ response to it is, @legardagerald i respectfully disagree. I stand by my VP @lenirobredo. This is the essence of democracy, free speech & the courage to stand by your convictions. She is humble & hardworking. And the lives she has managed to empower & improve in 1 year truly inspired this Filipina.”

Which was then replied by the netizen thanking the celebrity for replying “nicely” and with class.

Check out their brief exchange of conversation below:

kris aquino

Photo grabbed from Instagram/ Kris Aquino
(Photo lifted from Fashion Pulis)

What can you say about this?

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