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Gary Valenciano Performs At Isaiah Lustre’s Wake

Gary Valenciano performed at the wake of Isaiah Lustre.

GARY VALENCIANO – The veteran OPM singer and musician Gary Valenciano was seen performing at the wake of Nadine Lustre’s brother Isaiah Lustre.

Definitely, the death of the brother of the Kapamilya actress Nadine Lustre took the people in total astonishment and in state of shock because of it happened so suddenly.

Then, there were reports saying that her brother died by taking his own life through shotting himself right into the head.

According even to a previous report, the brother’s name is Isaiah Lustre and was just 16 years old. He is just a high school student for that matter.

He was found dead in his room bathed in his own blood and life is on critical condition.

Based on the source of the report, Police Officer 3 Elario Wanawan of QCPD-Criminal Investigation and Detection Unit the victim was bath in his own blood upon recovering.

The siblings of the victim also claimed that it was a quarter past 7 in the evening when they heard two loud gunshots coming from the room of the victim.

Prior to the said incident, Isaiah was accordingly oddly behaving like he was always lonely,moody, and wanted to be alone as he would always lock himself inside his room.

Further, he would not even talk or open up to them if ever something is bothering him.

On a follow-up report, because of this time of sorrow for the family of Nadine, her aunt Nona Clemente expressed gratitude to her for being so strong for her family.

On the Instagram stories of her Aunt from her account, it has been obtained where her aunt told, “He makes beauty out of ashes Isaiah 61:3; Thank you for showing strength for the family ate Nadine. (shoutout to your friends who are helping you cope with sadness and help dismiss your fears and anxieties.) You are our rock in this time of great sorrow.”

isaiah lustre

Photos grabbed from Instagram stories/ Nona Clemente
(Photo lifted from Fashion Pulis)

And on the same account is where Clemente also shared a photo of Gary Valenciano in the wake.

The photo has caption on it that says, “We see you smiling Isaiah : ) Thank you for the words of hope, love and faith @garyvalenciano. Thank you for taking time to be with us together with your family. We love you all!”

isaiah lustre

Photos grabbed from Instagram stories/ Nona Clemente
(Photo lifted from Fashion Pulis)

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