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Luis Manzano Responds To Netizen Who Unfollowed Him, Netizens React

Luis Manzano’s response to a netizen who unfollowed him on a social media site.

LUIS MANZANO – One of the Kapamilya network’s multi-awarded host Luis Manzano responds to a netizen who unfollowed him on social media.

Social media is indeed one of the widest connection when it comes to communication as you can now reach someone that was once unreachable with just a few clicks on the screen.

And in terms of communication, much effort is not needed as you can send a message to anyone, as long as the internet connection is present, and when talking about anyone, it could include connecting to the artist you love or you hate.

It’s just that, it’s your account, your rules.

And just like what happened to Luis when a netizen, who was once his follower on the Instagram account, informed him through a direct message that she is going to unfollow the host for she does not like the posts anymore.

The netizens direct message of the netizen to Luis as obtained from the Fashion Pulis indicated, “Nakakairita na po mga post niyo ng mga picture nyo, hindi na nakakatuwa. Kaya naman unfollow ko kayo. Take care.”

luis manzano

Photo lifted from Fashion Pulis

And Luis’ simple and brief response to this is, “Ok po.”

And this had elicited different reactions from the people of the online community.

Here are some of the reactions as cited from the source:

Araw-araw may nguunfollow. Hindi lang saknya. Maayado siyang patola. Binibig deal lahat.

kung unfollow i unfollow na lang… parang feel kasi ni ate na pipigilan pa siya ni luis… as if na malaking kabawasan siya sa million followers ni luis… hahaha…

Si Luis talaga hindi alam yung konseptong “be the bigger person” papatol talaga eh. Note: mali rin etong ateng may pa-notice of unfollow pa.

luis manzano

Photo grabbed from Fashion Pulis

luis manzano

Photo grabbed from Fashion Pulis

luis manzano

Photo grabbed from Fashion Pulis

What can you say about this?

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