LOOK: These 40 Panorama Photographs Will Surely Make You Shake Your Head

40 Failed Panorama Photographs That Are Jaw-Dropping!

PANORAMA PHOTOGRAPHS – Just like everyone of us, there were also times when some individual’s desire to get a perfect panoramic view of a beautiful scene resulted into something unexpected.

Based on a recent feature article in Bored Panda, there are at least 40 epic panorama photographs that were mostly results of hand movements or subject’s action during the photoshoot. The key in perfecting the art of taking panoramas relies both on the hands of the photographer and the position of the subject.

Moving subjects are sure to result to something unexpected if they are used in making panorama photographs. Taking panorama photographs on the road or in a big event may not actually be a good idea.

Here are 40 of the panorama photographs that will surely make you shake your head:

1. Horses are big creatures except for the little ones – the ponies. However, due to snapping failure, this horse appeared with only two tails in the photo and a head attached to its back part.

Panorama Photograph
GallowBoob / Photo lifted from Bored Panda

2. This panorama was taken in London. If you view the place based on this photo, it looks like a part of it has been elevated from the common ground.

Panorama Photograph
wisconsin_cheese_ / Photo lifted from Bored Panda

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