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Nadine Lustre’s “Attitude When Drunk” Gathers Mixed Reaction From Netizens

 This is Nadine Lustre’s attitude when drunk.

NADINE LUSTRE – Young Kapamilya actress Nadine Lustre’s attitude was caught on tape and she was getting mixed reactions from the netizens because of it.

Nadine Lustre is one of the female artists whose talk of the town due to her involvement in different issues and controversies.

These controversies and intrigues include her stance and opinion over live in and cohabiting prior to marriage, and the deactivation of her account on social media specifically, the Twitter.

And recently, a video surfaced over the online community to where Nadine was caught on tape depicting her attitude.

The video was uploaded and shared by YouTube channel The PINOY Channel.

Thus, upon the surfacing of the video, people of the online community flood the video with different reactions.

Here are some of the comments from the netizens:

“I’m not a fan of nadine pero nakita ko na sya inperson sobrang ganda nya at Hindi sya mapanga .. ang liit kaya ng muhka nya muhka syang imported barbie at Hindi sya maliit.”

“Party nga diba ano ba dapat gawin niya matulog haha ang daming tao jan bat si nadine pa napansin niyo isip din naman lagi niyo nalang binabash si nadine sabagay sikat kasi kaya bawat galaw sinusundan ginagawan ng malisya mga bitter, tpos na fhm panalo na sya hnd parin maka move on yung iba dto haha move on din naman, ok sayo hnd sya sexy pero hanggang ngayon ba naman tpos na yun eh.”

“Ito yung artista na hindi takot mawalan ng fans at higit sa lahat hindi takot sa mga bashers. coz shes real.”

“And about Nadine….wala naman masama sa video ah. Nagkakasiyahan lang wala naman ginagawang illegal. Mga tao nga naman may mapagchismisan lang. Hahahaha.”

Watch the video below:

What can you say about it?

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