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Super Tekla’s Reason Behind For Not Attending ‘Celebrity Bluff’ Will Definitely Shock You!

The shocking reason behind Super Tekla’s absence in Celebrity Bluff will shock you.

SUPER TEKLA – The famous comedian and former Wowowin host Super Tekla’s absence in Celebrity Bluff has a reason that will definitely shock you.

super tekla

Photo lifted from Facebook/ Super Tekla

According to the video which was uploaded and shared by the YouTube Channel Mr. Tsismoso, Super Tekla did not show up during one of his supposed to be guesting in a show of the GMA network.

Tekla is indeed famous because of his undeniable laughable joke, nice sense of humor, and great comedic antics.

The reason why people who were avid viewers of Wowowin were not happy when he got booted out of the show and the allegation rounding off is it is because of his addiction to vices.

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However, the comedian belies this allegation. He was just so thankful for the great help of the show to him for opening other opportunities for him.

super tekla

Photo lifted from Facebook/ Super Tekla

As shown in the video, despite leaving the show, he still was able to appear to be a guest on some other shows.

And recently, he was invited to be on Celebrity Bluff, a game show hosted by Eugene Dominggo.

But then, he did not show up.

Supposedly, he has to be at the set by 11 a.m. but his handler called up the staff of the show if they could move it to 1 p.m but Tekla was still no show.

super tekla

Photo lifted from Facebook/ Super Tekla

Allegedly, the reason behind is because of his lover to whom he got drowned into.

And shockingly, even though Tekla might have appeared to be gay, his lover is not a guy, it is shockingly a girl.

His handler allegedly claimed, “Hindi naman kasi bading ito eh!”

Watch the full video below:

What can you say about this?

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