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SONA 2017  delivered by President Rodrigo Duterte.

SONA 2017 – State of the Nation Address 2017 has finally been delivered by the 16th President of the Republic of the Philippines, Rodrigo Roa Duterte dated July 24, Monday.

Due to his firm and strong personality, Duterte attracted the majority of the votes of Filipino the reason why he has secured the position being the leader of the country.

Aside from his strength, he is also known for his promise to bring change to this country and on top of his list ever since is his aim to put an end on the illegal drugs in our country.

In this year’s SONA, the president reported all the plans he had acted upon and the plans he had set for next year.

Nearly 4 pm, the president arrived through a chopper clad in his clean white barong.

Duterte’s report stated that for change  to come, it has to start on the people on high position.

“Genuine change is what this country needs, ”  the president indicated.

As per the top on his list, his target is to still end the illegal drugs and the criminalities in the country.

“The fight against illegal drug will continue”  for according to him it remained to be the root of evil. And the fight will not stop until those people involved will cease.

To those the critics of his fight, he said that instead of judging they better help educate for he will not allow the ruin of  the youth and the disintegration of the families.

And to those who tend to ruin the life of the youth, to which the future lies, he will hound them to hell.

The change’s start and the end of it can be found within of each.

However, he was saddened by what happened in Mindanao for it is the pursuit of the living peace he is after not of the dead.

The rebellion in Mindanao was clear that the extremist has an intention of building up a caliphate and the reason why he declared the Martial Law because it is the only way he thought to solve it that would not cost too many lives and properties.

And as the president, he gives his unwavering support to the armies and the militaries for he further added that he and he alone is responsible.

He recognized the heroic acts of the PH  troops because of their valor and sacrifice as they risk their lives on the war so they do not have to fear because the president got their backs.

He also tackled the food production in the Philippines and he believes that the resources of the count needed to be utilized.

At this point, he does not want exportations anymore. For these resources just needs to be extremely preserved and protected.

And emphasized that the environment needs to be taken cared of carefully and he has plans to give the mining businesses and companies a halt.

He also plans that all the places that the mining have affected should be rehabilitated and the people affected more significantly needed special attention.

Upon watching Ted Failon’s documentation about the mining, the president realized that he has to do something and he has saluted the broadcaster for featuring such topic.

He took, for example, is the “palayan” and the fishing labors who are greatly affected by the mining to which these fields are the main sources of protein needed by the people.

For the mining companies, he will either raise the taxes to death or restore the “virginity of  the  sources.”

The tax will still go back to the rehabilitation of those which and who are affected.

For other generations is waiting and is yet to come.

He really gave emphasis how he hated the mining even the speaker hated the mining.

Going back to the Martial Law, he did it because he wanted to stop the rebellion.

Because as a matter of fact, he does not have any plans of going beyond his term.

He also admitted the except for his salary, he never accepted any money or even allowances.

And to the mining companies, they just have to comply with the rules and regulations and pay the right taxes for failed to do so, he will do what he has to do.

And as for the natural distractions such as typhoons and the earthquake, he will have to empower and sustain the agencies related to it.

These agencies should be prepared for all the disasters that are coming.

However, he still points out that the change he pursues is to still end the illegal drugs, the criminalities and the corruption.

He as well discussed the issue about the West Philippine Sea and the federalism.

He also tackled how the Pinoys are so impressed with those Western people.

“Bakit kayo bilib sa puti?” he inquired.

He is willing to protect the people of this country and if what he did just to secure the people would mean that he will get imprisoned, then he is willing to do so for life.

“I don’t have to make them happy. If  I go to prison, don’t worry about me.”

The Capital punishment or the death penalty.

Those who committed a crime should be penalized but then,  there is this Positivist  Theory.

But then, “some are afraid to die”, the president said yet he is not afraid to die.

The president believes that there is always time for everything.

See the whole live streaming Watch: Live Streaming Of President Rodrigo Duterte’s SONA 2017




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    wow,duterte’s speech really make me move,it’s so inspiring and it mold me to the extend!a cool president

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