Ina Raymundo Reveals Her Hidden Past With Piolo Pascual

Ina Raymundo Reveals Her Past History With The Actor, Piolo Pascual

The Kapamilya actress Ina Raymundo has posted her hidden past with Piolo Pascual, which is now making rounds in the social media.

Rina Marie Padilla Raymundo or known as Ina Raymundo is a Filipina actress, model, and singer. She is popularly known for her daring roles in both Television shows and different movies. She was also featured in different magazines as a cover girl.

Raymundo’s curvaceous body, beautiful face, and morena skin are some of her best assets that captivates the heart of the Filipino people. Her beauty has also mesmerized and captivated the Filipino actor Piolo Pascual.

Ina Raymundo

Recently, Ina Raymundo has posted on her Instagram account that Piolo Pascual confessed that he had a crush on the sexy star. Ina also narrated that Piolo admitted that she was her crush when they were still in college at the University Of Santo Tomas (UST).

Ina Raymundo

The 41-year-old actress said that she even forgot for a few seconds that she was already married upon Piolo’s confession. She also said that the actor said that he was stalking her and waiting for her at the stairway of UST building.

Ina Raymundo

The social media users were surprised by the revelation of Ina Raymundo regarding her hidden past with Piolo Pascual. One of the netizens asked why the actor did not sue the actress during their college.

Ina Raymundo

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