Gabbi Garcia Reacts On “Break Up” Issue Of Love Team With Ruru Madrid

Gabbi Garcia was surprised to know that love team with Ruru Madrid had allegedly been broken up.

The young actress Gabbi Garcia was surprised to know that partner on-screen Ruru Madrid landed in a program on GMA-7 without her as his leading lady.

gabbi garcia
Photo lifted frm PEP, Instagram/ Ruru Madrid

Based upon the report of the Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP), the 18-year-old Kapuso actress Gabbi Garcia was in astonishment the moment she knew that her leading man, Ruru Madrid, will be included on the casting of the 2nd book of Alyas Robin Hood without her as his leading lady.

On the event of Yes! magazine where they have revealed the Top 100 Most Beautiful Stars on their list at the Luxent Hotel in Quezon City, last night, July 11 the actress went there solo.

“I actually didn’t know about it. I was also surprised that he was part of it,” she said.

She then continued, “I’m very happy for Ruru, by the way, for him joining Alyas Robin hood.”

Meanwhile, Ruru, on the other hand,was also present at the said event but he is with Andrea Torres, his co-star on the above stated television series.

As mentioned on the report, when Gabbi saw Ruru, she cheerfully pointed at him and said they their love team have not really broken up.

Additional, the young actress then indicated, “And as for the GabRu love team, actually we still work together every Sunday on Sunday PinaSaya. Wala namang hiwalayang totally na naganap.”

She truly understood that it is the decision of the management and the higher-ups for them to work apart on their respective individual projects.

“It’s like exploring your own path and career. Eventually, we have to grow as an artist. We can’t just stay as a love team. We’ve been a love team for the past three years, by the way. So, no hard feelings. It’s just reality. It’s our career, it’s [part of] the industry,” she stated.

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