Watch: Live Video Footage Of CPP-NPA Attacking Police Station In Iloilo

CPP-NPA Attacking Police Station In Iloilo Caught On Camera

The video footage of how the CPP-NPA attacked the police station in Maasin Municipal Police Station has been exposed in the social media.

Nowadays, the incident of terrorist attacks in various places in the Philippines becomes very alarming and raises the concern of our countrymen. These incidents took the lives of the innocent people and militaries fighting the militants.

On June 18, 2017, the members of the New People’s Army-Southern Panay or called as Napoleon Tumagtang Command has successfully attacked and disarmed the erring police officers in the police station of Massin, Iloilo.

Police Station

The official Facebook page of “Rmn Iloilo” has uploaded a video of the NPA unit riding in a vehicle. After a few moment, some of the rebels suddenly stepped down from the vehicle and went inside the police station.

The NPA members chained and disarmed the three erring police officers, while picking up firearms and gun weapons in the police station, then immediately escape and runaway using a patrol car.

Police Station

The militants successfully disarmed the police officers as punishment to Maasin PNP’s extortion from small paddlers in the town center and toleration of illegal gambling and illegal drug proliferation.

The Philippine National Police (PNP) accused the rebels of stealing the laptop, cash, and jewelry of the police officers on duty. The video footage was taken last June 18, 2017.

The video immediately goes after it was posted in the social media on Tuesday (June 27, 2017). The viral video garnered 104k views, 2k reactions, 2, 528 shares, and 294 comments as of this writing.

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  1. It just makes me wonder if the Government is putting enough measures in place to curb such dastardly act.

    It’s unimaginable to see the Force being put under threat this way!


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