LOOK! Paul Salas Is Courting Someone, Find Out Who!

Paul Salas was spotted waiting for a girl and rumors were saying that he is courting her, find out who she is!

PAUL SALAS – The once child star is now a grown up man and is reportedly to be courting someone from the industry, find out who she is.


According to Philippine  Entertainment Portal or Pep, they have spotted Paul Salas waiting for Barbie Imperial from her Skechers Move In Style fashion show on Saturday, June 3.

It was even mentioned on the report that Barbie admitted that she was crushing Paul but then again the GirlTrend member have not said any statement as to what is the real score in between the two of them.

After the event that the young actress have attended, Pep talked to her if Paul is pursuing to which she neither confirmed nor denied for she only answered, “Mas maganda po kung sa kanya manggaling.”

(It would be better if the answer comes from him.)

However, the former Pinoy Big brother housemate told them that Paul and her have become friends for so long now.

She said, “Dati po, noong di pa ako nag-aartista, fan niya po talaga ako.”


She is also happy that she have become closer to her celebrity crush for ever since, she was a fan even before she became an artist.

Barbie stressed further, “Siyempre po, noong una kaming nagkita, noong nagkita kami nang harapan… Siyempre po, kapag fan ka lang talaga, hindi ka makakalapit nang harapan sa idol mo.”

It was even observed that the actor has been commenting on her Instagram posts that one comment from Paul indicated, “You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met.”

Previously, the young actress has been linked to one of the members of the boy group Hashtag Ryle Paolo Tan to which she also confessed that Ryle pursued her.

But it did not work out well in between them for something had roughly happened.

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