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Remember Rainier Castillo? Here's The Reason Why He Quit Showbiz!

Remember Rainier Castillo? Here’s The Reason Why He Quit Showbiz!

Find out the reason why Rainier Castillo or also known as the ‘Dao Ming Xi’ of the Philippines went out the limelight.

RAINIER CASTILLO –  The actor known for his ‘killer smile’ and being the Pinoy version of  Dao Ming Xio of F4 from the hit Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden went out  from acting and here he is now.

A video has been shared and uploaded by the Youtube Channel WhatsUp Pinoy showing what happened to Rainier Castillo after his disappearance on Philippine television.

Based on the video, Rainier has been tagged as the Dao Ming Xi of the Philippines and was known for his ‘killer smile’.

Well, killer smile indeed in those perfectly curved lips and a beautiful set of white teeth.

Rainier was first seen on Starstruck Season where he was just 18 years old back then but Mark Herras was declared as the  winner on that season as he bested out other contestants.

And Rainier was hailed to the First Princve of the said competition.

Then, from the stated competition, his road  to stardom kicked-off when he appeared on several shows of the giant network GMA.

He shot roles on teen oriented shows like the Click and Joyride, and fantasy series like  Mulawin, Majika, Kamandag, Fantastic Man and Tasya Fantasya.

Then last year,  eh announced  to have a major come back as he signed a contract under the Viva Entertainment after hegot focused on his heavy equipment business.

Though his comeback did not made a great hit on people yet his was still able to made appearances on several series like Wattpad Presents and Lola Basyang.

As of now, he is busy with the business that him and Mark Herras put up which is a parkour gym and urban training ground located at the Maginhawa St, Diliman, Quezon City.

He is hands-on on the business and he is also one of  the coaches in their business venture.


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