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Marian Rivera Breaks Silence On Issue About Her D&G Shirt

Kapuso actress Marian Rivera spoke regarding the issue about her shirt.

MARIAN RIVERA – Kapuso actress Marian Rivera broke her silence regarding the issue that she allegedly wore a fake D&G shirt.

Previously, the Dolce & Gabbana shirt worn by famous and beautiful actress Marian Rivera caught the attention of the public as it was accused of being “fake”.

Based on a previous news report, the co-founder of the D&G has already confirmed that Marian wore the authentic shirt. Aside from Marian, Stefano Gabbana also confirmed that Heart Evangelist wore an authentic shirt.

Marian Rivera

Photo via Pep (Original Source: @bambbifuentes @loveluxebags on Instagram)

Evangelista’s shirt also became the center of attention when some netizens became curious on the Arabic design printed on her shirt.

On the case of Marian Rivera, her personal shopper Aimee Hashim reportedly put down the allegation that the Kapuso actress wore an inauthentic shirt.

She claimed that Marian wore a D&G shirt that is 100 percent real.

Gabbana expressed that the netizens on the social media should stop talking about the shirt of the two actresses as they actually wore real ones.

Based on the report, the Italian designer even took to an online platform photos of the Marian and Heart wherein they were wearing the products of D&G.

He posted the photo of Marian together with Baby Zia. They were wearing swim wears that cost $645 (P33, 000) and $215 (P11, 000).

The 54-year-old designer posted a photo of Heart wearing an off-shoulder dress. Her dress cost $1, 535 or P73, 000.

Based on a report on Trending news portal, Marian has already broken her silence regarding the issue.

In an interview, she said that it is just a shirt and for her, it will never be a basis to know what kind of person you are. According to the beautiful actress, it is not a big deal.

Marian Rivera

Photo lifted from Showbiz Portal

According to the news report, in the present, Marian is happy with all the blessings that come her way. She has recently been in Spain to be with her loved ones there and she also recently launched Flora Vida, the actress’ floral shop business.

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