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Viral Now: These 4 Bouncers Hit The Guy Without Any Mercy, Unbelievable!

A video had recently went viral because the four bouncers are doing to a guy without any mercy.

BOUNCERS – These four bouncers are hitting this guy with no mercy along the street side and netizens were furious.

The video was shared and posted by the Facebook page Boy Bastos and suddenly went viral as it had already gathered more that 63,000 views as of this writing.

Based on the video, there were four bouncers, all were wearing a black polo, and they were all beating and hitting the guy along the sides of the streets and where anyone could see.

The clip does not show though as to what is the real reason why they are beating the helpless man.

However, as clearly shown on the video, the four of them were inflicting physical pain to the guy through their punches and kicks.

The helpless guy on the other hand could not do anything to defend and cover himself  from the beating for he was held by the other two bouncers on his hands on both either sides.

What they did is also some sort of public shaming.

And the people around the incident was just watching and staring perhaps they could not intrude because the bouncers got that very intimidating body size and type.

People of the online community could not help but also react and give out their reactions and these were reflected on the comment section.

According to the comments, one netizen indicated that what the bouncers did was unfair as they had outnumbered the guy in that fight.

And there are also netizens who said that they cannot just react and judge immediately for the whole scene, from its cause down to the effect, was not shown.

What can you say about this?

Watch the video below:

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