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Viral Video: Crocodile Bit This Guy’s Hand, Find Out What Happened To Him Right After

This guy was feeding these animals when suddenly, one crocodile bite his hand off.

CROCODILE – A guy was just feeding the crocodiles when she suddenly, one of them came after his hand and bit it.

A video was posted and shared by the Facebook page NTD Life with a caption “Be careful where you put your hand”.

The video had already gathered more than 3 million views and hundreds of  reactions and comments.

Based on the video, guy  was giving food to the crocodiles held in captive while other people was watching him doing that.

He was outside the fence while confidently feeding the cold-blooded animals and as seen on the video, he was even holding the sides of the mouth of the crocodile.

He was even teasing the animals.

And so swiftly and unexpectedly, the crocodile suddenly bite off  his left hand.

The man did not panic but surely,  the pain is so excruciating coming from the sharp teeth of the crocodile unto his skin.

People got panicked and gasped in shock because of the incident.

He called for help and two immediately rescued him from his distress.

As seen on the video, other man hit the animal with the stick he is holding.

Netizens who saw the post did not like what the man did though.

One netizen even said that those animals should not be held in captivity for they rightfully belongs to their natural habitat.

The comment indicated, “It’s abuse to keep these wild animals in captivity, TBH. They deserve to be in the wild where they’re meant to be, they don’t belong in captivity. That guy should’ve been aware to not tease these big sh*ts because no matter how well you train them, that doesn’t mean that they can be domesticated. It’s a wild animal, and wild animals never lose their natural instincts whether they were born and raised in captivity or not. .. Now, you’ve learned your lesson … He may not be lucky next time at all, TBH.”

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