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Teresita Sy-Coson, Henry Sy’s Daughter Defend President Duterte From Foreign Media

Henry Sy’s daughter, Teresita Sy-Coson praised the efforts of President Rodrigo Duterte and defends him from the foreign media.

Teresita Sy-Coso is the Vice Chairperson of SM investments Corporation and the daughter of the richest business tycoon in the Philippines. She is also concurrently the Chairperson of Uniband, Inc under management as of 2015.

Coson praised the efforts of President Duterte for handling expertly and balancing the country’s economy. She also believes that the anti-illegal drug campaign of the president strengthens the bond between the Philippines and China in improving the economy.

Henry Sy’s Daughter

The daughter of the rich business tycoon said in an interview with a CNBC reporter that Mr. Duterte was able to maintain the relationship between the Philippines and China by looking at the country’s economic point of view, not from the political point of view.

Henry Sy’s Daughter

She explained that the president’s strategy can prosper the economy of the Philippines. She also said that President Duterte is intelligent enough to handle a critical situation and to maintain the country’s relation with its allies.

Henry Sy’s Daughter

Here are some of the transcription from the interview between CNBC and Teresita Sy-Coson quoted by TNP.

“CNBC reporter: Philippines in danger though after pivoting too closely to China or the model should be, a bit more diversified?”
Sy-Coson: “I think our president is intelligent enough to balance the relationship and I think we are looking at China more from the economic point of view, not from the political point of view so, I guess he knows how to maintain the relationship.”

CNBC reporter: “And your President is going to be here, what do you think is his message to the ASEAN is going to be and the Philippines has the chairmanship?”

Sy-Coson: “Well, his message all this time about stopping the drugs and maintaining peace and order so that the business community can thrive and also the economy can prosper. I think that’s what, perhaps, his main message. He has been leaving the business community to its own, to run its own show and without a lot of government intervention. I think that is why our economy is doing okay.”

CNBC reporter: “Some of his critics have said that his policy pronouncements have been somewhat erratic, I am just curious Teresita, on the ground, how would you describe business confidence, business investor sentiment amongst foreign and domestic investors in the Philippines right now?”

Sy-Coson: “Our economy has been growing at 7% and perhaps it will maintain 6-7% and, in spite of all the skepticism, the business community has been growing and I guess we’re happy about it.”

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