Meet Alla Illyinichna Levushkina, The World’s Oldest Female Surgeon

Meet The 89Year-Old Alla Illyinichna Levushkina, The World’s Oldest Female Surgeon Still Performing Surgical Operation

Meet Alla Illyinichna Levushkina, the world’s oldest female surgeon who still performs surgical operation even at the age of 89.

Most of the old people have their retirement at the age of 60 to enjoy the remaining years of their old lives. But there are still some elders who continue to work despite their young age for their own personal reasons.

In Ryazan City Hospital City Hospital near Moscow, a surgeon named Alla Illyinichna Levushkina is performing about 4 surgeries in a day without plans of retiring. She already performed about 10, 000 operations on practicing her profession as a medical surgeon for 67 years.

Oldest Female Surgeon

Levushkina previously worked for air medical services for almost 30 years. She is treating patients living in the Russian outskirt using a special platform in performing surgeries for she has only a height of 150 cm.

There are some patients who doubt her abilities in performing surgical operations because of her age, but the female surgeon proves that he can still perform surgeries through her professionalism and skills.

Alla Illyinichna Levushkina inspired to become a surgeon after reading books about doctors. She enrolled at the Moscow Medical institute and took a major in proctology, a specialization in the illness of the rectum and the intestines.

Oldest Female Surgeon

The female surgeon also said that being a doctor already becomes his lifestyle and it’s more than just a profession.  “Being a doctor isn’t just a profession, but a lifestyle. If I stopped working, who is going to perform the surgeries?” said by Levushkin quoted by Buzzooks.

The old lady also said that she had no secret in having a long life she’s just eating everything, laugh a lot, and cry a lot.

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