CREEPY! Clown Caught On Camera Hiding Under The Young Girl’s Bed

A video went viral when this scary clown was caught on CCTV hiding under the bed of a young little girl.

CLOWN – A scary clown was caught on a filmed footage lurking under the bed of a young girl.

The viral video was uploaded by the Youtube Channel HvUseen Wrinkles.

The video was taken in a low quality camera which added up to the creepiness of the footage.

As seen on the video, a young girl was sleeping on her bed, when a little while passed, the drawer under her bed slowly opened and revealed the creepy face of the clown.

After he had already had himself stood up, he went to the camera and destroyed it.

Accordingly, the caption of the video says that the clown got inside the house and barged in to the room of the young girl without any force entrance or break in.

Well, that was according to the rumors.

However, the truth is, the parents hired him. He is known as Wrinkles The Clown.

Wrinkles was hired by the home owners or the parents of the young girl because of her misbehavior. As mentioned on the report, the girl says she never saw Wrinkles but she got awake when she felt that something is moving under her.

She was scared to see who it was so just pretended to be sleeping.

The video was taken from a home security camera so if ever the child would misbehave once again, they could always show them the video to warn her and threaten her to get Wrinles come to her room once again.

Wrinkles is usually hired to scare off the children because of their misbehavior. He scares children in order to earn money.

If Wrinkles would barge in to  your room in the middle of the silent night, what would  your reaction be?

Watch the footage below:

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