Maymay Entrata, MYX VJ For The Month Of May

The PBB Lucky 7 big winner Maymay Entrata is the MYX VJ for the month of May.

MAYMAY ENTRATA – The Pinoy Big Brother Lucky 7  edition big winner takes takes the stage as she will be the new celebrity MYX VJ for the whole month of May.

MYX is the local music channel of the Philippines and it can be seen on the Channel 23 in SkyCable.

Maymay, tagged as the the ‘Miss Wacky Go Lucky ng Cagayan De Oro’ will be hosting the several segments of the music Channel stated above for the whole month of May which also happens to be her birth month.

She will be hosting the ‘Pop Myx’ from May 1 until 6, “Pinoy MYX” on May 7-13, “Mellow MYX” from May 14-20, and “My MYX” on May 21 until the 27th.

And now, the big winner will join the local music scene as one of the newest artist of Star Music according to the report of ABS-CBN News.

Maymay was first seen and introduced at Pinoy Big Brother, the longest reality television show of the Kapamilya network.

Inside the house of Big Brother, she had shown her funny and wacky  personality which got the attention of the viewers thus, voted her and made her the big winner of the show.

Her determination and perseverance as seen inside the house despite her difficult situation outside had became her best asset that attracted people to make her the big winner.

As soon as Maymay got out of the house as a big winner, lined up interviews and guesting had heeded before upon her.

Indeed, hard work are being paid-off of sweet victory in God’s time. Like Maymay she had gone through a lot of failures prior to PBB but she never gave up. And now, success is on her way.

So watch out for Maymay as the celebrity VJ on MYX for this May.

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