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A Chinese patient was allowed by the doctors to bring her cellular phone inside the OR during her operation.

CHINESE PATIENT –  The doctor of Zhu made an exemption to her as he allowed her to play with her cellphone during her own operation.

chinese patient

Photograbbed from the report of South China Morning Post

According to the report of the South China Morning Post on their site, the patient’s surname is Zhu and she is already 69 years old and underwent an operation on her legs due to the varicose veins she had.

As mentioned on the report, the doctors allowed her to bring her phone as it will help her loosen up and not be anxious during her surgery in her varicose veins.

The operation took place on the hospital of Hangzhou at Zhejiang Province where the procedure only lasted for 18 minutes.

While browsing friends’ posts through WeChat, she took photos  of her doctors and nurses who performed the said surgical procedure.

Based on the report, she even stated she was “quite relaxed” and “not nervous at all.

Zhu, at the age of 69 had to underwent such operation because she was suffering the gnarled and enlarged veins for more than a decade. Because prior to that, she was a skilled worked who have to remain standing most of the time.

The doctor even stated that it was not actually allowed to bring the technological object inside the operating room but they allowed her because before performing the operation, the patient is very anxious.

However, in preparation for the operation, her phone got sterilized before bringing it inside the room.

During the whole procedure of the operation, Zhu was conscious because of the local anesthesia injected to her and only local anesthesia is needed to do the surgery.

Accordingly to the report, Zhu’s operation ended that day and went home as well that very day.


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