Epic Fail: Theft Caught Stealing, What Will Happen Next Will Surprise You

Theft Caught Stealing, What Will Happen Next Will Surprise You

A theft failed to steal something from a certain house after a motorist caught him in the act. The next happenings will surely surprise you.

Nowadays, cases of robbery and stealing in the Philippines continued to increase despite the government’s effort to eradicate the rate of criminalities nationwide. Drug addiction and poverty were some of the main reasons of thieves for stealing.

A Facebook page “Philippine CCTV & DASH CAM Spotted” posted a video of a man driving a motorcycle and suddenly stopped in front of a certain house. The man was observing and looking for some to steal until he saw a cage containing a bird.


The man was caught by another motorist trying to steel cage and immediately returned it to its proper place. But the other motorists immediately grabbed the theft’s motorcycle key to prevent him from escaping and quickly reported it to the house owner.


The angry house owner came out and throws several punches to the theft who attempted to steal their cage. The owner grabs the theft and seems like interrogating him on what he did until the residents of the area gathered due to curiosity.

The video immediately went viral after it was posted in the social media and garnered 32k views, 851 reactions, 191 shares, and 68 comments as of this post. It also received different reactions from the netizens.


Netizens were admiring the other motorists who saw the crime and quickly reported it to the owner. While some netizens were bashing the theft for his wrongdoings.

The viral video has a caption of “PANOORIN: Wag magnakaw ng hindi ninyo pag aari, para hindi kayo matulad nito.”

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